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Finished Gown!

So, here it is. The Beast, as I have come to affectionately dub it after weeks of terrible things. If I were to do this dress again, there would be a few things I'd change-- I would definitely not use the dark green fabric, that's for sure, as it was slippery, refuses to iron very well, and is overall just not sturdy enough for what I wanted it to do. I would also probably do ribbon loops rather than the eyelets, as the loops are more accurate anyway.

The sleeves need to be lengthened a couple of inches, but for some reason every time I fit something, it fits perfectly fine until I'm way beyond the point where fixing anything is possible. So I'm leaving them as they are on this dress.

I'd also probably do an "interior waistband" and a lining of some sort in the bodice, bringing up the skirt to a more even keel.

All in all, though, I'm fairly pleased with this, even though it's not really the most flattering dress-- but then again, if I were wearing this with a proper leine, or underdress/shirt, (which tried to happen and failed miserably, and I ran out of fabric at the eleventh hour) and a 16th cent. stomacher, I think I'd like it a lot more. On to the photos!

I cannot even explain those sleeves and I don't want to try. The chemise is one I wear normally for Renaissance Festival; it's grossly inaccurate, as it's gathered with elastic, whereas the leine that I wanted has the shirt gathered onto a flat band at the top.

Most useless collar ever and sleeves.

This skirt is huge! I could probably hide people under here!

So I do.

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